How Credits Work

What is a Credit?

Credits are the currency of our AI Writing Team service. Each credit allows you to utilize one of our specialized AI tools to enhance your content. Think of them as tokens that unlock different stages of content refinement and optimization.

Mandatory AIs – Writer AI and Editor AI
  • Writer AI: The primary AI architect responsible for creating your content, employing advanced language generation techniques for engaging and original content.
  • Editor AI: Steps in after Writer AI, reviewing the output for grammar, syntax, and overall language precision, ensuring a coherent and logical flow.
Using Your Credits
  • Each AI in the content creation process costs 1 credit.
  • Writer AI and Editor AI are mandatory for each content piece, automatically using 2 credits.
  • Additional AIs can be chosen according to your specific needs.
Optional AIs
  • Optimizer AI: Tailors content for SEO and audience engagement.
  • Safeguard AI: Excels in fact-checking and legal compliance.
  • Untraceable AI: Refines content to appear indistinguishably human.
  • Translate AI: Converts content from one language to another while preserving meaning and nuance.
Example Usage
  • Crafting a blog post typically involves:
    • Mandatory: Writer AI + Editor AI = 2 credits
    • Optional: Optimizer AI + Safeguard AI= 2 credits
    • Total: 4 credits per blog post
Managing Your Credits
  • Monitor your credit usage via your account dashboard.
  • Purchase additional credits as needed for uninterrupted service.
Acquiring Additional Credits
  • Subscription Credit Top-Ups:
    • Automatic Monthly Top-Ups: Receive 210 credits automatically added to your account each month.
    • On-Demand Extra Credits: Purchase additional credits at any time at $0.14 each for uninterrupted service.
  • Pay-as-you-go Credit Top-Ups:
    • Top-Ups: Manually add 210 credits to your account with each processed payment.